Motorola GP638 Plus

Motorola GP638 Plus

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Features and Benefits

Advanced Audio Technology
  • Motorola's voice compression and low level expansion technology enable crisp, clear and loud audio, keeping communications lines clear during critical missions

  • Meets Military Standard (MIL) 810C, D, E and F
  • The GP638 Plus conforms to stringent Factory Mutual (FM), making it suitable to operate in hazardous environments such as petrochemical and manufacturing plants

  • Supports MDC1200 signalling, Quick Call signalling and DTMF signalling
  • Equipped with LCD display, users will be warned on low battery strength through the LDC indicator
  • Easy to read 14-character alphanumeric dot matrix text display enable user to identify the caller and radio’s operating status at a glance
  • Name tagging with capability to assign 8 different visual caller-ID to 8 specific users/talkgroups
  • Easy to navigate menu keys allow users to select the relevant functionalities at their fingertips
  • Dual Tone Multiple Frequency (DTMF) Encode allows user easy access to local telephone networks or to make a private calls to other radio system users from one radio