KC901C+ antenna analyzer

KC901C+ antenna analyzer

9KHz-2GHz frequency range

KC901C+ 2GHZ Network Antenna Spectrum RF Vector Analyzer VNA Reflection Tester     

Vector Network Analyzer KC901C+ 2GHZ RF Multimeter / Single-Port Network Tester
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- KC901C+ is a multipurpose RF instrument integrating a VNA (vector network analyzer), spectrum analyzer, field strength meter, and an extra low-frequency signal source. It can do complete single port vector measurement and 2-ports simple vector network analyzing.

KC901C+ is the upgrade of KC901C.
- Rf multi-purpose table, as a general subject function is still a single port vector network analyzer (VNA, S11), and support vector transmission of simple, field intensity, frequency spectrum, radio frequency signal source, audio signal source, and other functions.


- 9KHz-2GHz frequency range
- 1Hz frequency step
- Full digital intermediate frequency
- Reliable accuracy and stability
- Strong anti-interference ability
- Rich functional and lightweight design

Main functions

- Transmission test (scalar: debug filter, amplifier, test antenna directivity, vector: basic phase change trend)
- Reflection test (vector: debug impedance matching, check the quality of the antenna feed system)
- Spectrum display and field observation ** (test radio emission performance, find source of interference)
- A signal that outputs a particular frequency point separately

Recommended application
- KC901C+ is mainly used to detect, debug the rf circuit and the day feeder system.
- In most frequency range, it can also conduct field strength measurement, interference finding and other work.
- The device is lightweight and powerful, and can easily be transferred to the site with measurements that have previously been completed by a large laboratory instrument.
- 901C+ is an electronic engineer's worth of testing tools, as well as a standing equipment for professional communication engineering and broadcast television station technicians.